The more difficult to see the end of the pad, indicating the plush texture was dense, more durable, as fluff important, you can see the label instructions

Blanket is a popular bedding, with warm function, compared with the quilt thin. Its raw materials use of animal fiber or acrylic, viscose fiber, chemical fiber, but also some animal fiber and chemical fiber blend made. Duplex has a huge pile of wool fabric, the surface of the huge plush, with a warm bed with a wool fabric performance, can be used as bedspreads, wall hangings and other decorations. Points pure air condition blanket, blended blankets, chemical fiber blankets three categories, according to the weaving method divided organic weaving, tufting, knitting, needle, stitch and so on. Blanket Fancy Jacquard, printing, plain, colored duck, Michiko, grid and so on. Style suede-type blanket, velvet type, with hair type, ball type and waterlines type. Elastic and warm and strong, thick texture. Mainly used as a bed cover is also serves as a bedspread or tapestry and other decorations.
Blankets appearance of the image varied, with full crimp suede type, hair erect and full of a sense of velvet. Blanket pattern color variety. Blanket is a popular bedding, with warm function, and the quilt is thin compared to its raw materials use of animal fibers. Quality travel blanket, in addition to fiber properties and processing, the plush fiber density, weight, twist method have a great relationship. Plush denser thicker, heavier the weight per unit area of ??the plush, felt more able to maintain the texture and appearance well, but basically, short hair, dense weave blankets are more durable. Check the general short blanket density and elasticity, there are two ways. First, you can use your thumb to press the blanket, quickly press after restitution, expressed woven cashmere density and elasticity are better; or the blanket folded. The more difficult to see the end of the pad, indicating the plush texture was dense, more durable, as fluff important, you can see the label instructions.
Good quality towel, front and back of each party in the eyes of many and long loops, abundant soft, absorbent having easy storage, etc; poor quality of best travel blanket, terry short and small. Good quality towels, terry not only long and more, but the weight is also heavy, hand twist about when you can buy several more. The main difference is that the towel is cooked yarn products or raw yarn products, cooked yarn soft and durable, absorbent and strong, raw yarn feel hard, water is weak. As obvious feel desirable little water, from 30 cm height to towel drip, drop the towel immediately absorbed cooked yarn, raw yarn is slowly absorbed. The towel tile or perspective to the sun to observe, to see whether the warp, weft, open at the end, nap, thin road, terry missing, edges, curling, toothed edges and jumpers weaving defects. Finally, it depends on whether there is bleeding. Stains, oblique and ambiguous India and other cosmetic defects.

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